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What is important for analog stereo cables? The two main things to consider for line level analog audio interconnect cables are capacitance and connectors.


Capacitance should be as low as needed for the length of cable to avoid rolling off the high frequencies. The Shorter the cables the shorter the overall capacitance since it is added proportional to the length. 
Some equipment will have more or less of an effect on the need for lower capacitance cabling. Source (example: CD player) and destination (example: Receiver) impedances can also be a factor in how much capacitance will affect the frequency response. If the source has higher than normal impedance, or the destination has lower than normal impedance a lower capacitance cable would be desirable.


Connectors should be of high quality so that they do not become loose, oxidized or lose proper connection to the cable through damage. Cables generally fail in the Connector to cable connection due to poor quality assembly or poor quality components. Connectors also have capacitance. Higher quality connectors generally have a good deal less capacitance than poor quality connectors due to better overall design and by using better dielectric materials as insulators.
-> We use the combination of high quality, low capacitance cables and connectors for the best overall cable quality. 
Mini FAQ: 
   • In basic terms, the lower the capacitance the higher the bandwidth capability, especially over longer cables.
   • Coax cables provide good RF blockage but do not do as well as twisted pairs and similar configurations for EM interference.
   • While velocity of propagation is higher with Teflon insulation and silver or silver plated conductors there is only anecdotal evidence of any improvement in sound quality for analog interconnects.
   • Sweep testing is meaningless without specifying input and output impedance characteristics. I/O LCR characteristics are large factors in test results and sound quality with some combinations of equipment.
   • Connectors can have significant Capacitance values. Lower Capacitance Connectors will lower the overall cables capacitive value. Look for Teflon dielectric connectors and better designed connectors for lowest overall capacitance and as better mates for low capacitance cable.

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