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Splitters, Cable TV/Antenna

Splitters for Antenna and Cable TV (CATV) will always result in a lessening of the signal. A 2-way splitter will split the signal and result in a 3.5dB signal drop for each port. A 3-way splitter is made of 2 2-way splitters and will have a single port with 3.5dB of loss and two ports with 7dB of loss. A 4-way splitter will have 4 ports all with 7dB of loss. 8-way splitters have 12dB of loss. Cables will also have loss. A 100 foot run of RG6 will lose about 6dB at 900MHz and RG11 will have about 5.5dB of loss at 900MHz. Cable losses will be smaller at lower frequencies. Calculating your cumulative splitter and cable losses will help you to decide if and how much amplification you will need for your signal. 

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Cable/Satellite Splitter. Split 1 incoming signal into 2 outgoing signals. Gold Plated Suitable for CATV and Satellite


Split 1 incoming signal into 4 outgoing signals. High Frequency and Gold Plated for superior performance

Calrad Electronics

RF/AB Switcher, 75 ohm, with F connections. Easily switch between any 2 inputs-cable,CATV, VCR, etc.

Calrad Electronics

Split incoming coaxial signal into 2 outgoing signals. High grade circuitry for reliable connectivity. Suitable for CATV and Satellite