Shinybow Distribution Amplifiers

Shinybow Audio Video Distribution Amplifiers for Pro, home and Business systems, including HDMI, VGA, Component Video, Composite and S-Video. If you need fast, reliable switching for your home or business buy Shinybow. 

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  • SB-3708
    SB-3708 $139.00 $116.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-3708 is a Composite Video + Analog Stereo Audio Distribution Amplifier. Inputs are Gold Plated RCA (Phono) type and are located on the front. Outputs are also Gold Plated RCA and located on the rear. Can be used with...
  • Shinybow SB-3706SV  front
    SB-3706SV $129.00 $107.00 Add To Cart
    The 1:8 S-Video Distribution Amplifier is designed to work as a splitter for S-Video applications. This splitter is one of the most innovative S-Video distribution products. It splits S-Video signal from one source to eight...
  • Shinybow SB-3706BNC front
    SB-3706BNC $109.00 $95.00 Add To Cart
    SB-3706BNC is a compact composite video/BNC distribution amplifier which supports 1 input and 8 outputs. Ideal for distributing video signals from Security Cameras, DVD, video game console, satellite receiver,...