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FlatWire S-Video or Stereo Left-Right Audio Cable, 33 feet long.


FlatWire Video provides a cost efficient solution for installing home theater.



→ Flatwire flat video wire is paper-thin and flexible. 

→ Fold the wire over itself with no change in signal.

→ Customize your room by installing wire directly on the surface of your walls, trim, and ceilings. 

→ Paint over the wire, or use a skim coat of concealing compound and then paint.

S-Video → PWR™ Series Wire: 2 Pair

 2 pair signal wire emulates Audio Left/Right, S-Video, Audio/Video & 2-Pair Ethernet



→ Receiver (Tuner)

→ TVs: CRT, LCD, Plasma, or DLP

→ DVD: Standard or High-Definition

→ Cable or Satellite

→ Gaming

→ Computer

→ Modem

→ Hub

→ Router

→ 10 Base T and 100 Base T



→ Installs on surface of walls and ceilings

→ Easily concealed foil-thin wire bends to any angle

→ No special installation tools required

→ Paintable insulation

→ Disappears with paint or concealing compound & paint




→ Pre-terminated wire ensures highest quality and easy installation via a snap fit

→ Patented ‘Pattern Wave Conductor’ technology results in a uniquely formed length of copper wiring that transmits signals without any noticeable loss in the quality of picture or sound


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→ Length: 10’ & 20’ (3m & 6m)

→ Width: 1.020” (25.908mm)

→ Thinness: 0.015” (0.381mm)

→ Gauge: 28AWG or 12SEG (Skin Equivalent Gauge®)

→ Oxygen Free Copper

→ 4 Conductors (2 Pair)

→ Resistance: 0.546 Ω (10’)

→ Capacitance: 18.700 pF/ft @ 100 KHZ

→ Inductance: 0.200 μH/ft @ 100 KHZ

→ Impedance: 75 Ω




→ Audio Left/Right Wall Box

→ Audio/Video Wall Box

→ S-Video Wall Box

→ 2-Pair Ethernet Wall Box


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