RCA to Mono 3.5mm Mini Plug S/PDIF Digital Audio Cable using Belden 1505F Cable


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    RCA to Mono 3.5mm Mini Plug S/PDIF Digital Audio Cable using Belden 1505F Cable. 

    This cable works as a Digital or Analog Audio cable

    It uses a very high quality 3.5mm (1/8") mono mini phone plug connector and a very high quality RCA connector. This is the Ultimate Digital Audio cable for computers and small audio devices that use the 3.5mm jack for S/PDIF digital audio. It uses true 75 ohm Belden high quality cable for the most pristine digital audio signal. 

    *Note: Please check the specifications of your motherboard/sound card/digital audio device to be sure that it supports "Coax" S/PDIF and not just "Optical" S/PDIF. An optical signal will not work with this cable.


    Cable Features and Specifications:

    Coax - RG-59/U Type
    22 AWG stranded (7x29) .031" bare compacted copper conductor, gas-injected foam HDPE insulation, tinned copper/bare copper double braid shield (95% coverage), PVC jacket.

    Mechanical Characteristics (Overall): 
    • Operating Temperature Range: -35°C To +75°C 
    • UL Temperature Rating: 75°C 
    • Bulk Cable Weight: 40 lbs/1000 ft. 
    • Max. Recommended Pulling Tension: 90 lbs. 
    • Min. Bend Radius (Install)/Minor Axis: 2.400 in.

    Electrical Characteristics (Overall)
    Nom. Characteristic Impedance:
    Impedance (Ohm)
    Nom. Inductance:
    Inductance (uH/ft)
    Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Shield:
    Capacitance (pF/ft)
    Nominal Velocity of Propagation:
    VP (%)
    Nominal Delay:
    Delay (ns/ft)
    Nom. Conductor DC Resistance:
    DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft)
    Nominal Outer Shield DC Resistance:
    DCR @ 20°C (Ohm/1000 ft)

    Frequency (MHz) Nom. Attenuation 
    1 0.2
    3.6 0.5
    5 0.6
    7 0.73
    10 0.9
    67.5 2.4
    71.5 2.5
    88.5 2.8

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    1. Quality cable

      This cable is great quality! It works great with my Chord Mojo DAC..
      The only place I would find with the correct connectors from my BluRay player to DAC.

      Highly recommend this company..
      on Jan 18, 2021

    2. Great for Chord Mojo

      It works! The Chord Mojo is unusual in that it takes coax spdif input on a 3.5MM port ...

      The cable has the right impedance (yes, you do want to minimize jitter), is shielded, and it attaches well to both ends (a USB -> RCA coax on one side, and the Chord Mojo to the other side).

      Good digital cables should not cost an arm and a leg.
      on Jun 20, 2019

    3. RCA to Mono 3.5mm Mini Plug S/PDIF Digital Audio Cable

      First of all, this must be a very unusual requirement, so finding a cable that did just this both amazed and pleased me. RAM Electronics are sensible in their warning that the cable, can not be returned if it does not work;you have to understand how take the digital output from a PC sound card and send it to the input of a DAC. My DAC is a very old but very good one, but with a BNC input.

      Suffice it to say that RAM Electronics appear to supply cables that will connect just about any two audio sources., and the one they provided to me, very quickly by standard post, was of high quality and, needless to say, works perfectly.
      on Feb 01, 2018

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