SCSI Adapters

SCSI Adapters - HD68, HD50, IDC50, DB25, CN50, SCA, SCA2, VHDCI, USB, Firewire, Ultra Fast Wide, U160, U320
Using the correct scsi adapter is crucial to the ability of your scsi drives and peripherals to work properly at their maximum speed -- or at all...
SCSI Adapters have different types of connectors and/or "genders" of connectors on each end. They are used for connecting a device with one type of connector to a cable or other device with another type of connector. Unfortunately there have been quite a few "standard" connectors over scsi's long history. As scsi got faster and "wider", it was necessary to update the connector types to newer, "better", "faster" connector types. So of course with the advent of new connectors came the need for adapters. An important issue to keep in mind is the "wide" and "narrow" or "high byte" "low byte" problem. "Wide scsi" means 16 bit or 2 "bytes" (8 bits make a byte). Narrow scsi is 1 byte (8 bits). Connecting wide devices to a narrow bus or narrow devices to a wide bus must be done with the proper adapter which takes the termination problems into account. Wide scsi devices will work just fine using only the first byte, and therefore can be used on a narrow bus (cable) as long as their connected using a scsi adapter with high byte termination. Narrow devices can be used on a wide bus, without problems depending on whether or not they are connected to an "LVD" (Low Voltage Differential) segment. Connecting narrow devices to an LVD bus will cause that segment to drop out of LVD mode. Feel free to contact us with your SCSI Connectivity Issue.

USB and Firewire to SCSI
A number of Manufacturers made USB to SCSI converters during SCSI's "popular" hayday. None are made anymore that we know of. If you really must have one you may end up paying quite a bit more on ebay than the original list price. The best models we were familiar with were the Ratoc U2SCX and the Adaptec USB2Xchange. Either may work for you, but you may have to fiddle around with termination and adapters especially if you are attempting to read an LVD SCSI drive. If it's an SCA or SCA2 drive then things can be trickier still. Feel free to contact us for help.
One possibly big problem with a used model?
For the Adaptec USB2Xchange and Macs, there's OS8 and OS9 drivers and for Windows there is XP and older.
For the Ratoc U2SCX there are Mac drivers for all the way up to OSX 10.6, and for Windows there are drivers for all the way up to Windows 7.

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