SBB - Canare 4S8 13 AWG Speaker cable with Gold bananas


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    Custom Canare 4S8 Speaker Cable with gold plated Bananas. 13 AWG overall to power large speaker systems. Great upgrade from zip cord speaker wire for any system.  

    Canare 4S8 is a very nice looking black cable that's very flexible and has great performance characteristics. The connectors  we use are "BFA"  style Banana plugs with a large surface contact area and a very nice look. Perfect for high end bookshelf speakers or mini monitors as well as small floor standing speakers.  


    The Gold Plated Banana Plugs use BFA style compression connections which gives much more surface area contact than standard Bananas, and often more surface area contact than even the best spade connectors. 

    Canare 4S8 Cable
    Our most popular 4 x 16 AWG flexible speaker cable, paired leads equal to 13 AWG. Perfect choice for all broad spectrum speaker systems and general purpose power amp setups. Good for Bi-Amped applications. 



    • • PA Systems 
    •  Studio Monitors
    • • Hi-Fi Speakers 
    • • DC Power Lines


    • • Super Flexibility, even in Sub-Zero Weather 
    • • Star Quad Design Reduces EMI Noise 
    • • Low Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance 
    • • Jeweled anodized aluminum shell with gold plated copper banana post
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    1. There just better

      I have purchase lots of cables from Ram over the years and they never disappoint. This last batch was for my Sons and girlfriends house for another home theater fro the bedroom. I was going to make the cables myself but really in the end I went back to Ram. The professional quality just cant be beat. on Jun 01, 2018

    2. What a deal!

      First I have been buying cables my whole life whether it be for a stereo, home theater or studio. Having purchased many brands, some costing three to four times as much a Ram Electronic cables. But what i have found is you may spend a bunch more money but it will be hard to be this companies quality.

      Outside of building your own cables (which I am not sure would be better, but may fit your needs or application better) I dont klnow why you wouldnt use this companies cables.
      on Apr 02, 2018

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