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Nema 1-15 to C7 Pwr. Cord

2 prong to Figure 8, One of the most common power cords for Portable Radios, Laptop power supplies and other electronic equipment.


This power cord will power various electrical devices that require a non-polarized C7 connection.

The C7 is one of the standard connector types of IEC 60320. It is a 2 conductor, 2.5A connector. There are two types of C7 connectors; polarized, and non-polarized. The non-polarized C7 is often called a "Figure 8" or "shotgun" connector, due to its shape.

The C7/C8 (C8 is the mate to the C7) connectors are very common on Game consoles, Radios, Cassette decks, DVD or CD players and Laptop power supplies.

While a non-polarized C7 will mate with a polarized C8, it may be a safety hazard to do so.

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