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DISCONTINUED - HDMI to Composite Video Converter and Scaler, Ce Labs HSC12


The HSC12 converts SD or HD HDMI signals to SD baseband video and audio for display on standard monitors. The scaler is also useful for converting HD signals to SD for recording on legacy equipment. A S-Video output is present for improved picture quality.

HSC12 Features:

 • HDMI™ 1.3 compliant
 • High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)
 • 1.1 compliant receiver (Pass signal with HDCP downgrade)
 • 1 HDMI™ input, 1 RCA jack output connector (yellow) for video, and 2 RCA output connector for left audio (white) and right audio (red),
 • Converts signal from HDMI™ formats 480i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (digital signals), to NTSC 480i (analog signal)
 • Easy installation
 • Audio output impedence: 1K ohm
 • Power requirement: 5 volts DC, 1A with 2.1mm Power Jack.
 • Power supply included.

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HSC12 Specifications:

 • Video Output Impedance: 75 ohm + 5%
 • Output: Composite Video - 1.0V p-p
 • S-Video - Y:1.0V p-p, C: 0.3V p-p
 • Vertical Resolution Format (visible lines per frame): Approx 480 (525 total lines)
 • Horizontal Resolution (visible pixels per line): Determined by bandwidth, ranges from 320 to 650
 • Horizontal Rate: 15.734 kHz
 • Vertical Frame Rate: 29.97Hz
 • Highest Frequency OUTPUT: 4.2 MHz
 • Scanning systems: 59.94Hz
 • Output Connector: RCA (yellow) for composite S-Video: S-Video connector


 • Output Connector 1 RCA Red for Right Audio and 1 RCA White for Left Audio.


 • 4.7 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches

This product doesn’t support simultaneous output of Composite Video and S-Video. Please select either one of them by selector switch on the unit.

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