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  • Viablue X-40 Silver Power Cable
    X-40 $40.80 Add To Cart
    Note: Please select the length of bulk cable in meters you wish to order. ViaBlue® X-Silver power cables supply high-end audio and video equipment with clean power. The double screening keeps out interfering frequencies...
  • USB Car Charger, with two USB Ports
    42-CAR-2 $7.65 Add To Cart
    Dual port USB Car Charger.  Charge your phone or other USB device while in transit. Dual USB Car Cigarette Adapter Calrad 42-CAR-2 Power: +5VDC, 700ma output 2 usb ports Type ‘A’ Car Charger. Charge USB...
  • 47810.100
    47810.100 $8.14 Add To Cart
    Schurter 4781.0100 IEC Power Plug 10mm cable inlet.   * Pillar terminals, for reliable and speedy wiring.* Integral moulded cable clamp.* Captive threaded screws.* Interlocking front faces for ease of assembly.*...
  • Belden 83803 Teflon 12AWG shielded Power Cable
    83803 $127.85 Choose Options Choose Options
    Bulk Belden 83803 Teflon Audiophile Power Cable with plenum rated FEP insulation 12 AWG stranded (7x20) TC conductors, conductors cabled, plenum, FEP insulation, Beldfoil® (100% coverage) + TC braid shield (85%...