PA and Instrument Amp Speaker Cables

Speakon Cables - PA Sound Reinforcement and Studio Speaker Cables with Speakon Connectors

Instrument Amp Speaker Cables for Guitar, Bass and Keyboard Amps

CBI Cables are made in the USA, using top quality cable and connectors for long lasting great sound and reliability

Neutrik designed Speakon connectors precisely for electrical safety, weather resistance, locking capability and durability. They are the standard for high quality PA's and PA Speakers.
They come in 2-pole, 4-pole, and 8-pole designs. 4-pole is capable of bi-amping, 2-pole is for full range speakers, and 8-pole will handle tri-amping or quad amping. We can make any custom cable you'd like using speakon connectors, including cables that break out to 1/4" phone plugs, or bananas.

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