Guitar/Instrument Cables

Guitar Instrument Cables - Instrument Cables for Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Mixers, PA, Amplifiers, Pedal Boards, Effects, Recording and Sound Reinforcement, High Quality Brand name Cable and Connectors for long lasting quality and bullet proof reliability. RAM and CBI Guitar Cables are made by hand in the USA.

RAM Electronics Guitar/Instrument Cables - Ram's Music Cables are hand-soldered using Silver Solder by our highly trained Solder Techs in Cinnaminson, New Jersey. We only use the highest Quality materials such as Mogami, G&H, and Canare. All Cables are fully tested and inspected have a 1 year warranty. Need a Custom Cable? Let us know what you want!
We know Guitar players, and we know what you need. Don't believe the hype of Silver plated or solid Silver Guitar cables. What you need is the lowest possible Microphonics, low noise, less metal transitions and super solid build quality. All made in the USA and built to sound great in the studio and withstand the road.

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