Monitor Adapters

Monitor Adapters:

DisplayPort - New Digital interface can support digital video, USB and more
VGA - Analog Video only, RGB/HV and sometimes RGB with sync on green support. 
DVI - Supports Digital and analog video. Home theater products usually only support digital video and have HDCP copy protection which the display must also support. 
HDMI - Supports Digital Video and Audio. HDCP support. 
DFP - Supports DVI non-HDCP digital video. 
BNC - Analog video which depending on how many connectors, can be RGB/HV with 5 BNC's for support of VGA signals or RGB with three connectors with sync on green, or even 4 BNC's with RGB with composite sync. DB15 - old Apple analog type monitors require hard to find converters for connection to VGA. 
13W3 - Very old Sun and Apple workstation analog monitor connection. Used on really big, high resolution monitors.

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