MoCA - What it is, compatibility and advantages

MoCA - What it is, compatibility and advantages


MoCA stands for Multimedia Over Coax Alliance, the trade group that has developed and marketed the specification for using in-home coaxial cable wiring as a multimedia network for entertainment centers, computers, game consoles and video devices. Since most homes come pre-wired with coaxial cable for cable television, or for connection to a satellite dish, it’s literally a network in place. The group’s concept is that by using the existing wiring in the home, it saves the homeowner the cost and work of adding additional wiring for another network.


MoCA is already in use by all three pay entertainment providers; cable, satellite and IPTV. Adding it to your home consists merely creating a local network, which connects to your entertainment provider’s larger network.


There are several advantages to using MoCA:


Ease of implementation – Since the wiring is already in existence, the only thing that is required is to attach MoCA devices at either end. These devices are sold in pairs, so that they can be connected to a variety of devices in the home.


High bandwidth – MoCA offers extremely high bandwidth of 175 Mbps. That’s enough to allow streaming two HD videos at the same time, while still playing an online game and transferring pictures from a computer to a television for viewing.


Low interference – Because MoCA uses coaxial cable, it is not highly susceptible to the electrical interference that other networks can have problems with.


Compatibility – MoCA doesn’t interfere or compete with any other networks in the home.


Secure – Since MoCA is a wired system and not wireless, it doesn’t’ have the risks of being intercepted by outsiders that WiFi has.


Since MoCA is running over coaxial cable, it doesn’t have the bandwidth problems that Wi-Fi has. If you’ve ever tried streaming multiple videos over a home computer network, you know how difficult that is to do. Unless you have an excellent broadband connection, only one video at a time can be streamed, and even then, it might have problems. With MoCA, you can stream two videos without problem.


As a wired network system, MoCA doesn’t interfere with other equipment, nor is it affected by other radio transmissions. With the amount of wireless systems in place in a home today, the risk of interference between one device and another is growing daily.


MoCA interfaces directly with your existing home network, connecting to your network hub or router. This allows it to carry information downloaded from the Internet, directly to your various devices, especially your entertainment related devices. Connected in this way, MoCA doesn’t interfere with cable TV or DSL communications. However, MoCA is not currently compatible with satellite TV, as they can interfere with each other.

Rich Murphy