3.5mm Mini Plug Cables

 Connect your iphone or Android phone to your Stereo receiver, Home theater system, Car Auxiliary port, Computer Mic input, Bose Sound system etc, to stream Spotify, Pandora, itunes or Google Music.

[The "mini plug" is called by many names; 3.5mm. 1/8". Mini phone plug. Mini headphone jack]

Check out our true Hi Fidelity 3.5mm mini plug audio cables and our budget line of cables (works for any ipod, iphone, ipad, mp3 player or audio device with standard 3.5mm headphone mini plug connectors)

Common uses: 

* Stereo In/Out on Computer Sound Cards 
* Headphone Out on MP3 Players, iPhone or Other small audio devices. 
* IR connections (only mono is necessary, but stereo normally is fine to use) 

mini plug to Stereo RCA connections are used for: 
* Stereo In/Out to Computer Sound Cards 
* Headphone Out on MP3 Players to Stereo Systems or Home Theater Receivers 
We have both Studio/Audiophile grade cables and value priced cables.

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