Key Digital Systems

There are plenty of manufacturers of Audio/Video Components that perform the same functions as Key Digital products, but none that have the absolute overall quality. Key Digital uses unsurpassed Design and manufacturing techniques to assure pristine Audio and Video quality and total reliability in all of their products. If you need trouble free, Audio/Video perfection with all of the features that Professional Installers require, then look no further than Key Digital Systems Products.

  • KD-HIFI9
    KD-HIFI9 $24.00 $18.00 Out of stock
    SALE! 9 foot long 21Gbps HDMI Cable (VW1, Supports Ultra HD/4K)  HiFi Commercial HDMI Cables – CL3/FT4 UL RatedSuper Sonic Speed 21Gbps, Ultra HD/4K, 1080p, 3D, Ethernet,...