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    "Custom Series" Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable with Gold locking Bananas, Beautiful Viablue Braided Sleeving, 11AWG, lengths from 3 to 100 feet.

    11AWG, Extreme EMF Noise resistance to AC noise and Hum, Direct plated Gold over Copper Connectors. Great Quality speaker Cable with great looks at a fairly low price point.


    • Crimped with ViaBlue Gold plated crimp sleeve ferrules - for easy to change options, or use without ends
    • 11 AWG per conductor, available in Bi-wire configuration soon or by request now
    • Exceptionally durable and resistant to tough environments
    • Gold plated locking banana plugs with gold plated locking screws or optional Viablue spades or banana plugs for the ultimate in current transfer
    • Professionally assembled and tested.
    • Finest combination of quality, performance and value available
    • Contact us for optional connectors 
    • 30 day unconditional return


    Read the Review: HS Speaker Cable Review by Audioholics

    Dual-quad wired speaker cable w/locking gold banana plugs, length 3 to 75 feet, Canare 4S11, and Direct Gold over Copper plating of Connectors assures the best possible Sound Quality.

    Canare 4S11 is widely used in Recording Studios and in Live Sound Applications

    These cables use Canare 4S11 Star quad cable with its special PE Conductor insulation (dielectric) and has very low capacitance, inductance, series resistance and noise. (see complete specs) Most importantly it will last. Typical cables with PVC insulation simply will not last. Oxygen free copper will not remain oxygen free when the PVC degrades.

    In these cables, the combination of cable geometry, and high quality materials result in far better, longer lasting sound quality than typical stranded cables. They are professionally crimped with ViaBlue Gold plated crimp sleeves for a cold weld - "permanent" perfect crimp which will not degrade like bare wire or even solder. Different ends (Banana, Spade, etc) can be easily user installed without requiring professional re-termination - simply screw them onto the Gold plated crimped sleeves. We also offer these cables with high end Viablue Spade and Banana terminations.

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