HDMI Splitters - Distribution Amplifiers

RAM Electronics carries a wide range of HDMI splitters to suit your needs. 
HDMI splitters are great for both home and commercial use. You may simply need to feed 1 HDMI cable source to two devices for your home theater, or you may need a more complex, multi-source splitter for a large event. To accommodate for this wide range of needs, we stock splitters than range from two ports all the way up to eight or more ports.

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  • Shinybow SB-5658
    SB-5658 $539.00 $352.00 Add To Cart
    1x8 HDMI Distribution Amplifier The Shinybow SB-5658p is a 8 output HDMI distribution amplifier (DA) featuring equalized TMDS input and pre-emphasized TMDS outputs. Supports HDMI V1.3c For high definition digital TMDS signal...
  • A-Neuvideo ANI-0102HC
    ANI-0102HC $350.00 $138.00
    1x2 HDMI SPLITTER DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIER EXTENDER with CATx Output  DISCONTINUED The ANI-0102HC HDMI Splitter is an HDMI splitter with two (2) RJ45 outputs (one per channel). It distributes a single HDMI input signal...