Installers and integrators around the world consistently turn to Gefen for quality products that sustain the test of time, supported by technical representatives skilled in a wide variety of real world installations and the latest technology.

The company’s unique product innovations, including Fast Switching Technology (FST) and advanced EDID management options, continue to significantly enhance the performance of audio/video systems. Wireless high definition video extension, integration of alternative content for digital cinemas, and IP control on Gefen products using the web server interface also adds to its reputation as a significant supplier for system integrators.

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    GTV-DIGAUD-2-AAUD $79.00 $29.00 Add To Cart
    Digital Audio to Analog Adapter, converts Coax or Optical Toslink to Stereo analog audio.  Digital Audio Transformed to Analog Audio -- Effortlessly and Simply The Digital To Analog Audio converter box takes your...
    GTV-AAUD-2-DIGAUD $79.00 $29.00 Add To Cart
    Stereo Left/Right Analog Audio to Digital Audio Converter. GefenTV GTV-AAUD-2-DIGAUD Takes analog audio and converts it to digital via TOSLINK / SPDIF The GefenTV Analog to Digital Audio Adapter converts analog...