Convert DVI-D signals to VGA or RGB. Depending on which version of DVI your signal is, this can be as simple as an adapter. Usually it will require digital to analog and require processing and scaling.

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    1T-PCDVI-PCDVI $595.00 $505.75 Add To Cart
    Cross Converter Scaler - Analog/Digital PC, HDTV or DVI to PC, HDTV or DVI.  1T-PCDVI-PCDVI TVOneTask ™ Video Scaler is a high bandwidth, professional PC/Component/DVI to Digital DVI scaler that accepts PC...
  • DVI to VGA or Component Video Converter and Scaler
    40-881 $504.00 Add To Cart
    DVI to VGA or Component Video Converter and Scaler. Supports most standard Computer and HD video resolutions and refresh rates. The 40-881 is a Digital DVI-D to analog VGA converter and scaler. It supports DVI-D...