Composite - HDMI

Composite Video to HDMI Converters convert standard definition NTSC 480i Video signals to Digital HDMI at 480i or scaled to HD resolutions such as 720p, 1080i or 1080p. 

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  • SB-3690A MultiVideo Digital Converter Scaler to HDMI VGA with Audio
    SB-3690A $549.00 $481.62 Add To Cart
    Multi Video format to VGA and HDMI Switcher, Composite, Component, VGA and HDMI to VGA and HDMI, with Audio.  The SB-3690A is a high performance video graphics scaler digital converter supporting (4) different video...
  • V363 AV to HDMI converter
    V363 $79.95 $59.99 Add To Cart
    Composite and S-video to HDMI Converter and Video Scaler. Plug and Play.  Convert Audio and video from your game system, DVD player, VCR or other media player into an HDMI signal that you can use with a new TV...
  • 1T-VS-622
    1T-VS-622 $395.00 $335.75 Add To Cart
    Video Up Converter - Composite and S-Video and Stereo audio to HDMI.  1T-VS-622 Video to HDMI Scaler will convert either Composite or S-Video Standard Definition analog signals to an HDMI output at PC, SD or HD...
  • Video to DVI Converter and Scaler with On Screen Configuration Display
    40-882 $387.00 $329.99 Add To Cart
    Video to DVI Converter and Scaler with On Screen Configuration Display.  The 40-882 is a composite video and S-Video to DVI converter/scaler. Composite video and S-Video inputs are converted and scaled up to PC or HDTV...
  • 1T-V1280DVI
    1T-V1280DVI $299.00 $254.15 Add To Cart
    Video Up Converter - Video to DVI. Maximum Resolution 1280x1024, 1080i.  The 1T-V1280DVI Video Scaler is an ultra compact video to DVI-D PC/HD up-converter that features inputs for Composite Video, YC and Component...