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Composite Video to Component Video Converters convert Standard definition 480i composite video to Component Video, Y-Pr-Pb at standard definition or scaled to HD definition. While these were once popular, in the early days of HDTV, HDMI has replaced Component video on consumer TV's and the need for these has diminished to the point where virtually only professional models are still available. 

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  • AV ToolBox AVT-3320
    AVT-3320 $99.00 $84.15 Add To Cart
    Composite Video to High Resolution PC VGA Up Converter, Scaler - Video to Analog PC.  AVT-3320 Analog Video to UXGA Scaler allows you to view virtually any standard analog format television video source in high...
  • AV ToolBox AVT-3350 Up Converter Scaler
    AVT-3350 $149.00 $126.65 Add To Cart
    Up Converter Scaler - Video to Analog PC or HDTV.  AVT-3350 Analog to PC/HD Scaler Scaler is designed to convert standard definition NTSC or PAL format S-Video or Composite Video signals to XGA, SXGA or UXGA...