Component - VGA (RGB)

Convert from Component Video (Y-Pr-Pb) to VGA (RGB/HV), using transcoders or processor/scalers


There are two types of converters to choose from:

Transcoders just re-encode from Y-Pr-Pb to RGB. What this means is, the resolution that goes in, comes back out, just "re-encoded" to RGB. So you get: 480p -> 480p, 720p -> 720p, 1080i -> 1080i, etc. 
The biggest problem usually is RGB (VGA) monitors are generally very unfriendly to HDTV signals. Make sure the display will accept the signal you want before ordering. If not sure, please ask.

Processors/Scalers accept various resolutions in and can output selectable video output formats. 
So you can have inputs and outputs like these: 480p->1280x1024, 720p->1024x768, etc. Check specs for exactly what you need, or please ask.

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