Coax - Toslink Optical Converters

Convert Coax S/PDIF Digital Audio to or from Optical Toslink Digital Audio, for Home Theater Dolby Digital/DTS Surround Sound Applications or Computer Musical Systems
Most converters will support both PCM or Bitstream signals. These do not decode the audio signal just convert between the electrical signal and the optical signal. They support all decode formats (DTS/Dolby) that the respective interface supports.

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  • Audio Authority 977RPO
    977RPO $75.00 $67.50 Add To Cart
    Digital Audio Converter converts the optical output of a digital source to coax for connection to receivers.  When you need to connect mis-matched digital audio components, the 977R solves the problem by allowing you...
  • Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141
    GTV-DIGAUDT-141 $79.00 $66.69 Add To Cart
    Digital Audio Translator, Coax Optical, Gefen GTV-DIGAUDT-141 Digital Audio Translator The GefenTV Digital Audio Translator is a compact and convenient coaxial/TOSLINK audio converter that accepts an audio signal...
  • RCA "Coax" Digital Audio to Optical Toslink converter
    POF820 $23.95 Add To Cart
    RCA "Coax" Digital Audio to Optical Toslink converter.   If your Reciever, Sound Bar or Wireless Headphone System only has an Optical Input available and your Blue Ray Player or TV only has a  Coax RCA Digital...
  • toslink to coax digital audio converter
    POF830 $29.95 $16.29 Add To Cart
    Digital Audio Optical Toslink to RCA "Coax" Converter.   POF-830 Optical-to-Coaxial Digital Audio Converter transforms a Toslink Optical Digital Audio signal to an RCA Coaxial (S/PDIF) Digital Audio signal. This allows...
  • Audio Authority 977TPO
    977TPO $75.00 $67.50 Add To Cart
    Digital Audio Converter converts a coax signal to an optical signal, Audio Authority 977TPO.  Reliably converts digital audio from coaxial to optical format. Power pack and optical cable included.Many of today's newest...