Installing Chromecast on Windows

Installing Chromecast on Windows


How to Install and setup Chromcast on Windows 7 (or 8.1)

Chromecast on a computer requires Windows 7 or later.

To download Chromecast open your web browser and go here:




To use Chromecast, you first need to have the Chrome browser installed. Just in case you don't have it, here are the steps for that.

Click "Download"


Choose Windows.


Click Accept and Install.



You get a thank you screen before the “choose download location” dialog screen comes up. At least I did. A little presumptuous? OK, sorry, I am easily distracted. 




Choose a good location for the file. I am saving mine to my Google drive in a Folder I created called “Chromecast”. Why? Because I'm using Windows, baby! Folders for eveything! 
OK, sorry, let's get on with it. 

Installing your Chromecast:

After it downloads, double click on the file to start the installation.



The usual annoying warning. I double clicked it, Windows! I didn't double click it so I could annoy it. It's not a hampster I'm poking with my finger....  click Run. 



It's already Searching for your Chromecast... good sign!




So now it asks me about privacy and terms?! We should all have some sort of class action suit to sue all Lawyers for how much time we need to waste with screens like this. 

Click Accept .



Find whatever input on your TV looks similar to this. The numbers in the code will be different. This is my code. You'll just need to verify the code on your TV and on the setup screen are the same. If you don't see a code on your TV, ask someone younger to figure out how to switch inputs. Lie if you must and tell them you'll let them play video games or watch TV shows they aren't allowed to see at home if they help you...
Click “That's my code” when you see it.


Sweet MAMA! It's connecting! Soon I'll be doin' stuff!



Connected... Oh, I see, “sort of connected”. OK, so I'm connected to that Chromecast, but now I have to configure it to connect to my wireless network. There is no magic without a little work? Click Continue.

Network Setup:



Find your Wireless Network by it's name using the dropdown menu. If you don't see it listed at first, click the refresh button. Still don't see it? Take a little break for some nice Tea, and then look for that nice young person again.

If you did find your wireless network, then just type in your network password... and then put in some fun name for your Chromecast. You will see it a lot if you use it a lot, so pick out a name that's not too unpleasant. Click “Continue”.



OK, now we are in business?! Please? Well, sort of. You can now add apps and “Tabcast” from your Chrome browser.

Tabcasting is a term for sending one “Tab”, or webpage or whatever is showing on the page of your Chrome browser window to your TV. You need a fast connection between computer and Chromecast's wireless connection and a fast computer for things to work without any “lag”.

Apps are another story entirely. They can perform very well no matter the capabilities of your phone, tablet or computer, since they set up streams to connect the internet streaming site directly to the chromecast and only rely on the phone/tablet/computer for the location of the stream and control information. In other words, your phone says “go get the video stream at and wait for me to tell you to stop, start or pause you”. At least that's the basic idea. If your chromecast is on a wifi network, then apps will create streams direct to the chromecast. You can then go off and do whatever you want on your phone/tablet/computer (the initiating device) without detriment to the streaming video or audio as long as your Internet connection has the required bandwidth. 
Apps are great. Apps are the way to go unless you need to do something they can't do. Then you may need to use the more network hogging Tabcasting with the chrome web browser if your computer or other “source device” has the kind of power you'll need to handle it.



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Note: If you would like help with your chromecast please don't call! - email us at "" and we will try to help you.