Install and Setup Chromecast on a Mac

Install and Setup Chromecast on a Mac



After connecting your Chromecast to your TV change inputs until you get this on your screen. The number of your Chromecast will be different but otherwise the screen should look like this.

First, Install the Chrome browser on your Mac, you'll need it for Chromecast, plus it's a great, secure and fast web browser.

Next, download and install chromecast.
Open your web browser and go here:



Download the installer image to your desktop or another folder so you can install it by clicking “Download”.



We are saving to our desktop so we can easily cleanup later. No sense leaving it stuffed in some folder on your computer where you'll never see it again like some Windows nerd! Macs are all about cleanliness, right?! 

Just don't trash it before you install it. 




Now, double-click the dowloaded file:




Drag the Chromecast icon to your Applications folder:




Now you can launch Chromecast setup from your Applications folder.




When you run Chromecast setup it gives you the general warning about you being naughty and downloading your software from the Interweb, which would be really silly on a Macbook Air, since how else would you get it? 
Click “Open”.



Ready to run Chromecast setup. Your computer will have to switch from being connected to your wireless network to being connected to your Chromecast. You then will give the Chromecast the settings it needs to join your wireless network. You should have the network name and passphrase available now. You can't set up Chromecast to work without setting it up to connect to your network. If you don't have this information, you are really reinforcing the "Mac user" stereotype... stop it! Get it together man! 




Select your country. This usually doesn't require an explanation... 



Hopefully your Chromecast is found. Did you plug it in? 



Change inputs on your TV, if you haven't already done that, so that you see the Chromecast setup screen.



Hopefully you see something like this screen on your TV. If not, turn it on! Still no? Switch inputs to the proper HDMI input that you plugged the Chromecast into. You did, plug it in, right? 
See it? Good, now click, “that's my code”. 
You can now rename your Chromecast to something you like better or to a name that describes its location.  Your a Mac user, so think of something artistic or obscure. Be cool, damnit! Don't be a Windows user and name it "Living Room"!!!  =:-O
Choose your Wifi network by its name and enter your wifi password. Wifi passwords are case sensitive so beware of having caps-lock on or something. Then click “continue”.




If you get this screen, nice job, you are ready to get started casting! Just click the “Get Cast Extension” to enable “Tab casting” from your Chrome Browser.




Check the TV now, it should look like this:





Go to the Chrome store and download apps that are Chromecast enabled. Chromecast works with a wide variety of Video and Music apps already.  Yes, I know it's not "The Apple Store". Get over it. Not eveything cool is Apple!




OK, now we are in business! You have apps and can “Tabcast” from your Chrome browser.

Tabcasting is a term for sending one “Tab”, or webpage or whatever is showing on the page of your Chrome browser window to your TV. You need a fast connection between computer and Chromecast's wireless connection and a fast computer for things to work without any “lag”.


Apps are another story entirely. They can perform very well no matter the capabilities of your phone, tablet or computer, since they set up streams to connect the internet streaming site directly to the chromecast and only rely on the phone/tablet/computer for the location of the stream and control information. In other words, your phone says “go get the video stream and wait for me to tell you to stop, start or pause you”. At least that's the basic idea. If your chromecast is on a wifi network, then apps will create streams direct to the chromecast. You can then go off and do whatever you want on your phone/tablet/computer (the initiating device) without detriment to the streaming video or audio as long as your Internet connection has the required bandwidth. 
Apps are great. Apps are the way to go unless you need to do something they can't do. Then you may need to use the more network hogging Tabcasting with the chrome web browser if your computer or other “source device” has the kind of power you'll need to handle it.



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