Chromecast tweaks, using Chromecast and Conclusions

Using Chromecast and Conclusions


Hak5 did a very nice video on Youtube (link below) about Hacks and tricks for the Chrome cast.

Chromecast Tricks, Hak5 1514.2


Aside from Full screen Casting, they show an Option settings hack to enable advanced settings access. To try it, Right-click in Windows (ctrl-click on Mac) and choose “Inspect Element” on the settings page. In the Hak5 video you delete "display: none." in three places. The code has changed or our Chromecast version has different firmware, so you have to use a different method (fidling with "ng-hide") with different results, none of which seemed to give us any benefits worth going over here. Play around at your own risk! 




Casting Videos is easy, just click (or on a portable device press on the screen) the "Cast" icon select your Chromecast by name and wait for things to happen. It seems you used to have to play videos on computers full-screen and then use Alt-Tab (Windows) or Command-Tab (Mac) to let your video continue to play when you multitasked, but that doesn't seem to be necessary anymore. I could just start casting on a tab and then go about my business on other tabs or in other programs.

The best feature for Windows or Mac? Full screen Casting is fantastic! Just use the tiny down arrow thingy in the upper right hand corner of the Casting selection drop down, and choose "Cast entire screen (experimental)" and then choose your chromecast by name. If your computer and network connection are fast enough you get some pretty excellent results. You can then show your entire desktop and whatever you have on it. 






Another option is "Cast this tab (optimize for audio)" , which would be a good choice if you have a good stereo system and just want to listen to music while you multitask. 



Some may find this idea of plitzing around on your mobile device or computer and then pushing it off to your TV screen to be weird, or not a normal sequence of events. Geeky. A PITA? Nerdly?

I think it is awesome! Why? It’s the flow. It is really nice and natural actually. This is great for demos, boardrooms or even get together's. I can imagine a future of shared videos and pdf’s, Music and pictures, all easily cast by anyone with a chromecast app after you let them have your network password. “hey, that was cool, but check this out!” I also bet people will need to get better about changing network passwords… ;-)

Full screen mode is incredibly useful. With the chrome browser, you can open pdf's images, and many other types of files, as well as google docs and many types of video. Casting your entire screen enables you to do virtually any type of presentation, and it's getting much easier to find an open HDMI port to plug into than an open VGA port. 



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