Install and setup Chromecast on your Android Phone or Tablet

Install and setup Chromecast on your Android Phone or Tablet

Android devices are probably the easiest devices to set up to use with Chromecast. Even so, there are a number of steps to go through, and you still have to know your Wifi network name and password, so there are actually things that can go wrong. 

Start by going to the “Play Store” and searching for “chromecast”. You get a lot of results!




Choose the Chromecast App.




Press “Install”.





Press “Accept” to give the Chromecast App access to what it “needs” to do its thing...






Press “Open” to start the App setup.





Get the legal stuff out the way by accepting the Terms and Conditions... Press “Accept”.






The App then goes out and finds your Chromecast for you and gets ready to make changes to the name and install it onto your Wifi Network. Press “Set up”.




Select your Country from the list and press “OK”.







Is your TV on? If not, turn it on and change inputs to display the HDMI input that the Chromecast is connected to. The code displayed on your TV will be unique and not the code shown here, but if you see a large alphanumeric code on the lower right hand side of your TV, rest assured you probably have the right input!






Change the name of your Chromecast to something you like, or something descriptive if you are going to have a number of them, like “Living Room”, “Ford's Bedroom” or whatever you like, and then press “Set Name”.






Almost done... Now it's time to set up the Wifi Network. You should see your network's name and you just have to enter the wifi password. If you don't know your wifi password, ask whoever it is who set up your Android device on your network. When done, press “Set Network”.








Boom! You're done! Now just go back to the “Play Store” and download some apps, like Netflix, Youtube and Spotify to start Chromecasting.

Inside any Chromecast enabled app, you just look for the Chromecast icon and press that to tell the app that you'd like to “cast” the video on your Chromecast. See the Chromecast icon circled below from the Youtube app.






You then get an on-screen prompt asking which Chromecast you'd like to cast to. Choose your Chromecast by name and after a short delay, the video you are watching, or music you are listening to will start playing on your TV. See the on-screen prompt below.




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