Audio/Video Cables

RAM Carries and manufactures Audio/Video Cables for Home Theater, Pro Audio, Music, Sound Reinforcement, Gaming and mobile connectivity.


About our Custom Series
We use studio grade cable on all our Custom Series cables and often terminate them with a true 75 ohm crimp connector. A crimp connection is a gas tight cold weld connection to the wire with great mechanical and electrical performance properties. Some smaller gauge wires and non-solder connectors are not possible to crimp and are silver soldered.

Analog Audio:
Studio grade cable is a great solution for carrying any analog audio signal, it is the same quality often used in making the original recording.  Strange attempts to overcome the laws of physics with cabling geometries and exotic materials and practices are unnecessary. Our stereo cables are made with silver plated connectors or crimp connectors for minimum signal loss.  All speaker cables have gold or silver plated copper crimp ferrules or silver solder tinning to reduce copper oxidation and signal loss over the life of the cable.

If you have any additional questions, please contact technical support by email or phone, during business hours EST, for additional information.


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Understanding Audio and Video Wire and Cable

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  • NF-S1 RCA-XLR Stereo
    NF-S1 RCA-XLR Stereo $178.24 Choose Options Choose Options
    ViaBlue® NF-S1 RCA-XLR male interconnects yield music with faithful reproduction at all frequencies. The sound is completely linear and undistorted. The silver-plating of both screens makes it possible to perceive even...