RAM Electronics carries a wide range of audio/visual supplies to ensure that your home, business, or event has the highest quality sound and video possible. From switchers & converters to adapters & connectors, we have what you need to get your system up and running. To get started, browse our categories below!  
For in home use, we carry a complete line up of home theater equipment, cables, adapters, headphones, and other items. If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your living room or home theater, you’ve come to the right place! Browse through the products below to find the perfect items for upgrading your current setup. 
For business/commercial use, we carry the best products in the industry to make your event or presentation go off without a hitch. Choose from a huge selection of speakers, audio converter extenders, recording equipment, IR remote systems, digital signage & much more. 
Our Custom Series Cables are Broadcast Quality, using Professional Quality parts like Belden, Canare and Liberty. Our Custom Series is hand made in our New Jersey factory.

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  •  ProCable® Shortz 3.5mm, 4-conductor Audio Splitter
    13751 $6.95 Add To Cart
    ProCable Shortz Audio Y-Splitter for Audio and Mic The perfect solution for sharing audio privately among two people Description: RadTech's ProCable 3.5mm, 4-conductor Y-splitter cable allows the use of 2 headsets with one...
  • DAC-AMP-20
    DAC-AMP-20 $69.95 Add To Cart
    The Extremely versatile DAC-AMP-20 is a USB DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) a Toslink DAC, and an Amplifier with both Headphone and Speaker Outputs. Read the Review from HomeTheaterShack.Its perfect for connecting a pair...
  • Component Video Cable with 3 Canare RCA's and Canare V-3CFB Cable
    C2A $62.43 Choose Options Choose Options
    Professional Component Video Cable with Canare RCA's and Canare V-3CFB Cable. Canare V-3CFBMini coax type, 22AWG  Designed for DIGITAL and HDTV facilities. Each coaxial channel includes a Foam Core PE dielectric, Solid...
  • Belden 1695A Plenum Rated RG6U cables with Canare F connectors
    RFP $31.93 Choose Options Choose Options
    Belden 1695A Plenum Rated RG6U cables with Coax Canare F connectors for Cable TV, Satellite or Security Installs, White cable, with colored Boot.   Please choose your Boot color: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue...
  • Professional CATV Satellite Cable, Belden 1694A RG6U cable, Canare F connectors
    RFA $19.47 Choose Options Choose Options
    Precision Belden 1694A cable with Canare 75 ohm F connector and gold center contact, Black Cable.   Choose your boot color: Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue or White. The best quality Coax F connector...
  • Viablue T6S RCA Jacks
    T6s RCA jacks $36.37 Add To Cart
    Product description:ViaBlue® T6s rca jacks have contact pins made of bronze which are 24 carat gold-plated. The shells are made of aluminum. Cables up to 9.5 mm diameters can be installed. All connectors of the T6s...
  • T6s Flexible Pins Contact
    T6s Flexible Pins Contact $31.25 $26.04 Add To Cart
    Product description:ViaBlue® T6s flexible pins have 24 gold-plated wires. The shells are made of aluminum. Cables up to 9.5 mm diameters can be installed. All connectors of the T6s series are supplied including two...
  • ViaBlue TS banana plugs closeup
    TS Banana plug $36.37 $30.31 Add To Cart
    ViaBlue TS banana plugs establish contact to speaker jacks with a classical laminated system. On a circle are distributed nine small copper leaf springs divided into 40%C2%BA sections. The diameter of the concentric ring in...
  • T6s Banana plugs Contact
    T6s Banana plugs Contact $29.87 $24.90 Add To Cart
    Product description:ViaBlue® T6s banana contacts serve as replacements for T6s spades contacts or T6s flexible pins contacts mounted on speaker cables. The contacts can exchanged by screwing them in and out. ViaBlue®...
  • 30240
    30240 $7.77 $6.48 Add To Cart
    TS Screws, M4 x 7mm (20 pcs) 0.50mm fine thread Hexagon 1.5mm 
  • T6S Phono Plugs - Mono
    T6S Phono Plugs - Mono $36.37 Add To Cart
    Viablue T6s phono 1/4" (6.3mm) mono plugs, set of two.  Product description:ViaBlue® T6s phono 1/4" (6.3mm) mono plugs have contact pins made of bronze which are 24 carat gold-plated. The shells are made of...
  • Viablue SC-4 with T6s Banana speaker cables
    SC-4 with T6s Bananas $233.98 Choose Options Choose Options
    ViaBlue's Product description:ViaBlue® SC-4 Silver-Series speaker cables have silver-plated strands for the treble range and tin-plated strands for powerful playback of the bass range. SC-4 Silver-Series speaker cables...
  • NF-S1 RCA Cables
    NF-S1 RCA Cables $119.15 Choose Options Choose Options
    ViaBlue's Product description:ViaBlue® NF-S1 RCA interconnects yield music with faithful reproduction at all frequencies. The sound is completely linear and undistorted. The silver-plating of both screens makes it...
  • T6s F plug (screw)
    T6s F screw plugs $27.98 Add To Cart
    Product description:ViaBlue ® T6s F connectors are very high-quality high-end F-connector, the contact pins are made ??????of brass. All contact surfaces are 24 karat gold-plated. The plug housing is made ??????of...
  • 40120
    40120 $19.95 Add To Cart
    Gold plated copper crimping sleeve (ferrule) designed to crimp on 6 AWG Speaker wire for proper set screw connection.  15 pieces per package.  ViaBlue Gold Plated Copper Crimp Sleeves Gold Plated 99.99% OFC w/...
  • A-neuvideo ANI-353
    ANI-353 $175.00 $99.00 Add To Cart
    VGA (with audio) or Component Video (with audio) to HDMI Converter/Scaler with 720p or 1080p output.     The ANI-353 This VGA (RGB/HV) and Component Video (YPbPr) to HDMI converter box transforms VGA at a wide...
  • Sescom SES-AUDIO-AB
    SES-AUDIO-AB $39.95 Add To Cart
    Sescom RCA Stereo Audio A/B Switch This is part of Sescom's series of new Economical AB-Switches that are designed to last with your wallets in mind! These helpful AB switches can also function as input and output...
  • Sescom IL-19-MINI
    IL-19-MINI $54.95 Add To Cart
    Sescom IL-19-MINI 3.5mm Mini I/O Hum Eliminator The next generation of the Sescom IL-19 series, the IL-19-MINI is an inline hum elimnator / matching transformer for 3.5mm stereo (TRS) runs and is perfect for both DSLR audio...
  • Shinybow ANI-HPNHN
    ANI-HPNHN $235.00 $183.00 Add To Cart
    A-Neuvideo ANI-HPNHN: HDMI Video Scaler and Standards converter, PAL, NTSC. The ANI-HPNHN HDMI to HDMI Scaler is designed to upscale a HDMI video signal from a HDMI source device and output in a wide range of HDTV and PC...
  • Shinybow SB-5425
    SB-5425 $99.00 $82.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-5425 is one of the most innovative Video / Audio switching products on the market today. The SB-5425 is an Auto Switcher for Composite Video / Stereo Audio signals. Each has 4 individual AV inputs with 2 identical AV...
  • Shinybow SB-2810
    SB-2810 $119.99 $100.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-2810 is an S-Video or Composite Video and Stereo Audio Amplifier (booster) used to drive signals over a long distance. This product provides signal amplifier from +0db to +6db via an adjustable control. This is useful...
  • SB-6335TR-KIT HDBaseT receiver
    SB-6335TR-KIT $398.00 $326.00 Add To Cart
    Shinybow SB-6335TR-KIT HDMI OVER SINGLE CAT5/6 TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER KIT w/RS232 w/IR RETURN The SB-6335 KIT is an HDMI Version 1.4 that supports all the latest audio formats such as Dolby True HD, DTS-master, etcǃ? and...
  • Shinybow SB-6310T
    SB-6310T $180.00 $138.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-6310T CAT5 VGA Video Splitter Extender extends video signals up to 300 meters (1000ft) using inexpensive CAT5 / CAT6 UTP cable. A video extender consists of both a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter connects to...
  • Shinybow SB-5688AK front and back
    SB-5688AK $3,250.00 $2,087.68 Add To Cart
    The SB-5688AK is professional 8x8 matrix routing switch. Supporting eight (8) HDMI Inputs and (8) Auxiliary Audio Inputs. Output supported (8) HDMI and (8) SPDIF audio. The SB-5688AK is based on the HDMI standard and...