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Convert Digital Audio between Coax RCA and Optical Toslink. Convert Digital to Analog Audio (DAC) or Analog to Digital Audio (ADC) .  Bluetooth, HDMI, AES, EBU, S/PDIF,  Stereo Left/Right, Bitstream, PCM, LPCM, Multichannel? Let us solve your conversion problem. 

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  • Sescom IL-19-MINI
    IL-19-MINI $54.95 Add To Cart
    Sescom IL-19-MINI 3.5mm Mini I/O Hum Eliminator The next generation of the Sescom IL-19 series, the IL-19-MINI is an inline hum elimnator / matching transformer for 3.5mm stereo (TRS) runs and is perfect for both DSLR audio...
    SES-NORMALIZE-IT $109.95 Add To Cart
    The Sescom SES-NORMALIZE-IT Volume Leveler incorporates SRS TruVolumeT technology can regulate Audio like TV commercial volume levels to a comfortable listening level within a certain range, preventing annoying fluctuations...