Audio Authority

Audio Authority Manufactures quality Audio Video Equipment for Custom A/V Integration and A/V Showroom Demonstration markets. 

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  • Audio Authority 9A60
    AudioAuthority 9A60 VGA/RGB to Component Video (Y-Pr-Pb) Converter.  High quality video signal transcoder from RGB to Y=Pr-Pb. Resolution and refresh rates are not changed with this converter but when set up properly...
  • Audio Authority 979T
    979T $129.00 $116.10 Add To Cart
    Analog Audio to digital Audio Converter, Audio Authority 979T.  Converts analog audio signals to digital coaxial or digital optical audio. The 979T is a high quality ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), allowing for...
  • 9880
    9880 $200.00 $180.00 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority 9880 CAT5 Component Video Receiver.  Provides TV connection point for component video, coaxial digital audio, left/right analog audio, and an IR receiver input. The 9880 Receiver can be used with the...
  • Audio Authority 1366
    Audio Authority 1366: PC and-or HD Converter and Scaler with advanced Audio Processing.  The PC / HD scaler can convert either VGA to component, component to VGA, VGA to VGA, or component to component, while preserving...
  • 571-014
    571-014 $27.50 $24.75 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority 571-014 18 Volt DC Switching Power Supply 100-240 volt input.  18 volt power adapter used to power the products listed below:   AVP-11 or AVP-11D (UniDrive) 9870/9870D...
  • Audio Authority 1184
    1184 $129.00 $116.10 Add To Cart
    Ground Loop Eliminator, DC Blocker for Component Video and Analog Audio, Audio Authority 1184.  Active Signal Hum Eliminator / DC BlockerModel 1184$129.00 USDThe 1184 is designed to solve the problem of rolling video...
  • Audio Authority FPM-X
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    Audio Authority FPM-X Flexport with Microphone XLR input
  • Audio Authority FPM-D
    FPM-D $169.00 $152.00 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority FPM-D Flexport with Digital in Coax OPT and analog RCA passthrough
  • Audio Authority FPM-U
    FPM-U $139.00 $125.00 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority FPM-U Flexport with Analog RCA inputs
  • C-1024A
    Bose IR to Serial Converter for Bose Lifestyle LS 20, 25, 30, 40, 50.  This one-of-a kind converter allows a compatible learning IR remote to communicate with Bose Lifestyle systems IR Converter for Bose®...
  • Audio Authority FPM-B
    FPM-B $159.00 $143.00 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority FPM-B Flexport with Balanced Audio Inputs
  • Audio Authority CMX-144
    CMX-144 $899.00 $809.10 Add To Cart
    Audio Authority CMX-144 4x4 Component Audio Matrix w RS232 IR Ethernet Control
  • Audio Authority 979R
    979R $129.00 $116.10 Add To Cart
    Digital Audio PCM to Stereo Analog Audio Converter, Audio Authority 979R  Converts digital coaxial or digital optical PCM audio signals to analog L/R audio. The 979R is a high-quality DAC (Digital to Analog Converter),...