Audio/Video Distribution

Want to Distribute Standard Definition or HD Video, or maybe Audio and Video? We have Coax and Cat5 cable distribution systems from the best manufacturers available. We have Key Digital, Gefen, Audio Authority, ETS, and Calrad to meet any topology (cable type) or quality/price point available. Free shipping, 30 day returns and at least a 1 year warranty on all of our products. Plus, we can help you choose the right system for your needs.



Boosters and Distribution Amps Amplify your Audio and/or Video Signal to allow it to run over long length cables
Distribution Amps or "Splitters"
Take the Audio/Video from one device and amplify and split the signal into multiple A/V outputs.
Convert the Audio and/or Video Signals to "Balanced" Signals that will run over Cat5e or Cat6 cable. The end of the Cat5 cable is then attached to another Balun which converts the signal back to run over normal Cables while canceling out noise picked up along the long Cat5 cable run. Better Quality Baluns do a better job of noise cancellation.
Matrix Switchers
allow routing from any input to any output for advanced signal routing capabilities.
Matrix Cat5 Switchers/extenders
Allow both Switching and extension. The Switch itself has Cat5/Cat6 outputs which are attached through Cat5/Cat6 cables to a converter box at the far end by the display. Very cost effective if you need both switching and extension.
We also have all of the Audio Cables and Video Cables you need to connect everything together, including Custom Length Audio/Video cables of a wide variety.

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VGA 1x2 Splitter, Connect two VGA displays into one VGA connector


Extends VGA or Component HD display over a single CAT-5 cable up to 330 feet, Gefen EXT-VGA-141LR


1X VGA input, up to 8x VGA outputs, (Sender unit only)


Distribute DVI Digital Video to four displays


Distribute one VGA signal to four VGA monitors, Gefen EXT-VGA-145

CE Labs

High Definition Component Video, Digital/Analog Audio with IR balun, Distribution Transmitter using CAT5 UTP Cable

CE Labs
CE Labs

High Definition Component Video, Digital/Analog Audio with IR balun, Distribution Receiver using CAT5 Cable

CE Labs

DVI 1x8 Distribution Amplifier, Gefen EXT-DVI-148.


DVI 1x8 Splitter with Full HD 1080p and HDCP Management