IR Repeater Kit, with 5 Port IR Distribution System


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    IR Repeater Kit, with 5 Port IR Distribution System. 

    Want to place your Cable Box, DVD Player, Streaming media box or other devices in an enclosed cabinet or another room? Want to do home automation and still be able to control them all from in front of your TV? The 92-180 IR Repeater (Remote Control Extender) allows you to do just that!

    The IR distribution block has 

    A.) 2 IR receiver inputs, 1 x 4 conductor jack for compatible IR receivers with a molded 3.5mm male connector, 1 x 4 conductor removable terminal block for extending the IR receiver for up to 200 ft. using Cat5e, Cat6 cabling. 

    B.) 4 x 3.5mm IR emitter jacks (1-4) for use with single emitters (Control up to 4 pieces of equipment) or dual emitters (Control up to 8 pieces of equipment), each emitter attaches to a single piece of equipment for control. 

    C.) 1 x 3.5mm IR blaster jack for a single IR blaster emitter that has a high power output that is used to blast audio video equipment at a distance, typically in an equipment closet or rack (does not require direct attachment to equipment), Warning! Do not attach standard IR emitters to this port. 

    D.) 3 x Information L.E.D. indicators, 1 x (Green L.E.D. for 12Vdc Power), 1 x ( Red L.E.D. for 12Vdc status jack), 1 x (Blue L.E.D. for IR Receiver Signal). 

    Optional Accessories: 

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    The Kit Includes:

    • Includes: 1 x Distribution Block
    • 1 x Surface Mount IR Receiver (2m Cord)
    • 2 x Dual IR Emitters (2m Cord)
    • 1 x IR Blaster (2m Cord)
    • 1 x 4 position terminal block
    • 1 x 12Vdc/250mA, Input: AC 110-240V switch mode power supply

    • DC Power : 12Vdc/250ma, DC Plug: 5.5mm O.D. x 2.1mm I.D
    • 5 Ports: 4 x (3.5mm) Mono standard IR Emitter Outputs, 1 x Mono IR Blaster Emitter Output
    • 1 x (3.5mm) Mono IR Blaster Output
    • IR Receiver Inputs: 1 x (3.5mm Jack), (1x 4pin Removable Solderless Terminal Plug) 
    • 1 x (3.5mm 4pin Jack) IR Receiver Input
    • IR Carrier Frequency: 25-60KHZ
    • Dimensions, Distribution Block: 2.17" (L) x 3.35" (W) x 0.35" (H)
    • Dimensions, IR Receiver: .97" (L) x .54" (W) x 0.375" (H)
    • Distribution Block Weight: 1.8 oz. (Plastic Case)
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