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Dual Audio-Video Balun

Dual Audio-Video Balun. Composite or S-Video and stereo audio via twisted pair. Audio-video systems. Custom home installations.

ITEM: 500012

The Dual Audio-Video Balun allows two baseband video channels and two baseband audio channels to be transmitted via four (4) unshielded twisted pairs. Used in pairs, the Dual AV Balun is used in home or commercial applications as a smart, fast and cost-effective means of connecting audio-video equipment using twisted pair instead of coax cable. The Dual AV Balun may also be used in conjunction with MuxLab's CCTV-Audio/Video Hub (500200) for distribution to multiple monitors. Ideal for video-conferencing, audio/video distribution, S-Video and other dual audio/video systems.




  • Composite video up to 2200 feet (670m) in color via Cat 5 twisted pair
  • S-Video up to 1000 feet (300m) in color via Cat 5 twisted pair
  • 500012 is pin-compatible with MuxLab's CCTV-Audio/Video Hub (500200)
  • Four (4) RCA connectors for video
  • RJ45 for twisted pair
MuxLab 500012

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