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    Calrad 40-BT2-1 Portable Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receiver. 

    Connect your phone or other bluetooth audio device to your Stereo or home theater system to listen to your music on the large stereo system rather than using the tiny speakers in the phone. The Calrad 40-BT2 supports the new A2DP, AVRCP protocols for the best posible fidelity. 

    The Calrad 40-B2-1, -2, -3, -4 can actually provide up to four zones of Bluetooth audio. You can set up a simple system for phones, tablets or other Bluetooth devices to connect to. 

    If you're installing multiple devices/zones, please specify the different model numbers when ordering with -1, -2, -3, -4. You can use up to four devices in the same location or in different locations.

    Easy pairing
    1) turn on the 40-BT-1,
    2). the pairing L.E.D. will alternate between blue and red.
    3). Next scan for the device ID required, no pairing password is required.
    4). Once paired/connected the blue L.E.D. will flash slowly and you will hear a short audible announcement tones if connected to a audio amplifier.
    A longer set of audio announcement tones will also be heard when pairing is disconnected and the pairing L.E.D. will alternate between blue and red. The diagram below illustrates using four different zones for multiple connections in different rooms. Connect the 40-BT2 units locally or use Calrads 40-BTE-KIT to extend receivers into different locations using Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7 cabling for extending the receivers up to 200 feet.
    Works with Calrad’s 40-BT3 bluetooth transmitter.

    You can purchase the unit with 4 unique Bluetooth ID's, each model is sold separately and can be used independent of each other. The 3.5mm line output jack that can easily connect to a home stereo, PC line input for wireless Bluetooth audio playback or a home automation system for 4 discrete zones or wireless audio playback.. Play music from any Bluetooth A2DP enabled mobile phone or other Bluetooth A2DP audio devices at up to 35 ft., distance may vary with surroundings. Listen to your audio in comfort without a wired connection. Includes USB charging cable, 3.5mm adapter cable. Works with USB power or by battery power.

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