4x1 and 4x2 HDMI Switchers

4x1 and 4x2 HDMI Switchers for 4 HDMI sources and 1 or 2 HDMI Displays

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  • 3D 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch with additional Stereo Audio output
    V342 $79.99 $39.95 Out of stock
    3D 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch with additional Stereo Audio output.  Share four HDMI sources between two TV's or HD monitors. This 4x2 HDMI Matrix Switch has 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputsand can be manually or remote...
  • ANI-QUAD-MINI front
    ANI-QUAD-MINI $1,200.00 $726.70 Add To Cart
    A-Neuvideo ANI-QUAD-MINI 4x1 HDMI Seamless Switcher The ANI-QUAD-MINI HDMI Quad Screen Multiviewer allows you to simultaneously display real-time HDMI/DVI video from (4) different sources on a single monitor. It is capable...
  • Shinybow SB-5604UA front
    SB-5604UA $795.00 $621.91 Add To Cart
    Shinybow SB-5604UA 4x2 4K2K@60Hz Mirrored HDMI Routing Switcher with Digital and analog stereo Audio.  The SB-5604UA is a professional 4x2 ULTRA HD HDMI 4K@60Hz Routing Switcher. HD video supporting (4) HDMI inputs to...
  • Shinybow SB-3693 front and rear
    SB-3693 $1,536.00 Add To Cart
    4x4x1 HDMI and VGA Quad-PiP-PoP Selector Switch Scaler with Optional mirrored 2nd Modular Output Slot.  Inputs: 4x HDMI, 4x VGA Output(s): HDMI,VGA, AV + Optional modular output (HDMI, HDBaseT, SDI,...
  • Ce Labs HM41SR professional HDMI switcher front
    HM41SR $199.95 $119.90 Add To Cart
    HDMI 4x1 Switcher with IR Remote Control and RS232.    FEATURES • HDTV resolution up to 1080p, PC resolution up to 1600x1200 60Hz • Compliant with the specification of HDMI 1.2. • Suport RS-232...
  • Key Digital KD-4x1CSK
    KD-4x1CSK $240.00 Add To Cart
    4x1 UltraHD 4K HDMI Switcher.  Key Digital® Champion Series™ HDMI switchers are designed and engineered to offer the best in quality, performance, and reliability, while providing a cost-effective HDMI...
  • Shinybow SB-5642LCM front view
    SB-5642LCM $599.00 $451.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-5642LCM is Shinybows next-generation 4X2 HDMI Matrix Routing Switch, designed for multiple sources and displays. There are four HDMI connections for inputs and two HDMI connections for outputs located on the back...