USB Dual Female Receptacles on rear mount bracket to dual Header connectors, 8 inches long, 5 pin header connectors


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    USB Dual Female Receptacles on rear mount bracket to dual Header connectors, 8 inches long, 5 pin header connectors.  

    Connect up USB ports to your Motherboard "Header" type connectors.
    Supports USB 2.0 

    How to Use the Adapter:
    The USB Dual female receptacles are mounted to a "bulkhead" bracket, for the back of the PC or Mac. The two cables each go from a USB connector to a 5-pin header connector, and are typically used for dual row 5-pin or 4-pin header connectors or single row 8 or ten pin header connectors.

    For 10 pin headers you would just plug the two connectors side by side. The connectors are dual 5-pin connectors for maximum flexibility. Some wiring schemes will require the removal of the shell ground on pin 5. You can email support for help with your wiring configuration. You will need to know your motherboard manufacturers wiring scheme for the USB "header" connector. This information should be in the owners manual for your PC or motherboard.

    The motherboard connectors are wired like this:
    1-red (VBus or Vcc or "+5v")
    2-white (Data -)
    3-green (Data +)
    4-Black (GND)
    5-Black (Shell, grounded)* (not applicable to 4-pin model)

       • Gold plated contacts    • Cable and molding shielding prevents electro-magnetic interference (EMI/RFI).    • Compatible with Mac OS 8.6 or higher as well as Windows 95Rev.B and Windows 98    • Two USB "A" type connectors for the rear bulkhead using a standard bulkhead bracket

    Wire Color Code and Pinout:
    VCC will go to the red wire.
    Data (-) will go to the white wire.
    Data (+) will go to the green wire.
    GND will go to the black wire.

    These adapters can be easily rewired to suit your needs.
    Rewiring usb mainboard connector:

    You'll need a "straight pin" (those pins that come in your clothes when they're new) or something similar to "extract" the pins. Just lift the little "tangs" gently while pulling on the wire. Don't pry the little tangs up too high, just enough for the pins to slide out. If you pull them up too much they won't go all the way back down again to properly lock the pin in place. If your mainboard only has room for a single ground wire, use the wire from pin 4.

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