Mini phone Plug Adapters

Commonly older non-smart phone Cell phone headsets used  2.5mm jacks. Adapters allow them to be used with standard 3.5mm Stereo mini plug connector headphones.
3.5mm is equivalent to 0.13780"or about 9/64 but we call the connector 3.5mm or  1/8".  
2.5mm  is equivalent to 0.098425" or around 3/32".
TRS means "Tip, Ring, Sleeve, which describes the mating contacts. TRRS would therefore mean "Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve, which would have 4 contacts - enough for Stereo Audio and microphone when a common ground is used for all signals. TRS has enough contacts for Stereo Audio or mono audio and a microphone if a common ground connection is used.

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