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Single Channel UTP Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor for Cat5e Cat6

ITEM: 2401

Ideal for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from transient voltage surges, the 2401 easily patches into existing UTP (unshielded twisted pair) cabling networks to provide increased reliability in even the most challenging environments.

When operational stability is of paramount importance, 2400 series transient voltage surge suppressors can be the difference that protects your gear against catastrophic failure. Enhance the reliability of any UTP based system by hardening vulnerable portions of the signal path against induced current and other transient conditions that can damage critical electronics. Compatible with IP networks and most audio/video distribution systems, the 2401 stops damage before it starts.

This product features a special 5 year Guaranteed Repair or Replacement Warranty, which supersedes Audio Authority's normal warranty terms. Contact our technical support department for more information.

  • Suppresses electrical transients induced into Category 5e or Category 6 cabling
  • Provides protection for audio/video distribution and switching systems, digital signage installations, and internet networks
  • Compatible with video signals up to 1080p
  • Compatible with data rates up to 100 Mbps


  • RJ-45 connections (one input, one protected output)
Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor for Cat 5e/6 Cable
Model 2401

Q: What is a transient?
Transients are brief but powerful over-voltages and overcurrents lasting up to 100 microseconds, and can reach in excess of 100,000 volts during extreme events. They are generated by a wide variety of sources which can originate inside or outside a building. External transient sources include lightning, power system faults and utility grid switching. Internal transient sources are most often generated by load switching , such as turning equipment, electronics, and light fixtures off and on.

Q: Will Audio Authority Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors replace my power conditioner and surge protection devices?
No. Audio Authority TVSS devices are intended to protect against the "back door" damage that originates from internal and external transient surges. induced into cabling. Power conditioners and similar surge protectors do not protect against this type of damage. Eliminating surges and power distortions through the electrical mains is a critical component of system integrity, and appropriate high quality surge protectors or power conditioners should be used along with Audio Authority TVSS devices to ensure a totally protected system.

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Audio Parameters
  • N/A
In the Box
  • User manual
  • Connector Type: RJ-45 x 2 (one input, one output)
  • Dimensions: TBD (H-W-D)
  • Product Weight: TBD
  • Shipping Weight: TBD
  • Agency Approvals: TBD
Video Parameters
  • Compatible with most high definition video transmissions over Cat 5e/Cat 6 cable

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