Mini HDMI Switchers

2x1, 2x2 and 3x1 mini HDMI Switchers - low cost small footprint HDMI switchers for tight spaces. 

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  • Shinybow SB-5600 back
    SB-5600 $298.00 $266.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-5600 is a professional 2x1 ULTRA HD HDMI 4K2K@60Hz Auto Routing Switcher. HD Video supporting (2) HDMI Inputs to (1) HDMI Output. These features can be easily configured and controlled. Supports HD/3D/4K2K video up to...
  • 2x1 HDMI Selector Switch and Scaler with PiP
    SB-3691 $495.00 $369.92 Add To Cart
    2x1 HDMI Selector Switch and Scaler with PiP/PoP.  The SB-3691 is the professional 2x1 HDMI PiP PoP Selector Switch Scaler. Supporting (2) HDMI Inputs and (1) HDMI Output with Picture in Picture (PiP) and Picture...
  • Shinybow SB-5601 front
    SB-5601 $260.00 $99.00 Add To Cart
    The SB-5601 is is an auto-scan HDMI Selector Switcher. The SB-5601 can be operated in two modes: Auto Scan or Manual.   In the Auto Scan mode if you have two devices connected and only one of them is power on that...