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Dual IR Emitter with 3.5mm Plug

Dual IR Emitter, using a single 3.5mm plug.

ITEM: 921522

Dual IR Flashing Emitter, with single 3.5mm plug, (IR Bug) for Infrared remote control systems


 • Dual emitters to control two components while only using one plug
 • Compatible with most IR Systems
 • An IR Emitter delivers your Remote Controls IR commands to your audio or video components
 • Affixes in front of the IR eyes on the components with the installed mounting tape
 • Does not block Remote controls direct signal (it passes through it)
 • Uses standard sized 3.5mm (1/8") mini phone plug (compatible with most IR systems)


  • Each "leg" of the split emitters is 36 inches
  • 4 foot length from 3.5mm plug to the split
  • Overall cable length is 7 feet long 

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