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Active HDMI Miniature Baluns, HDMI over 2 Cat5e-Cat6 cables

ITEM: 401072

Calrads small and innovative HDMI over UTP category 5e/6 cable solution is specifically designed to deliver pristine digital signals from all HDTV formats and signal sources from 480P to 1080P. These devices are a perfect solutlon for replacing costly standard HDMI cables that are difficult to route thru walls and cabinets. Two Cat5e, Cat6 wires using RJ45 terminations deliver digital signals from the transmitter to the receiver and can feed plasma's, LCD and projection type displays. A small class 2 power supply may be required at the receiver side if power from the HDMI source is not sufficient

Maximum Throughput 10.2Gbps
HDMI 1.3
HDCP Compliant

Cable Distances/Resolutions (Cat5e)
1080p, 100 feet (Cat6 115 feet)
1080i, 230 feet
720p, 230 feet
480p, 300 feet
Includes: Transmitter, Receiver and a 5VDC power supply
Calrad 40-1072M

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