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Surface Mount IR Receiver

Surface mount Wideband IR Receiver with 3.5mm Plug

ITEM: 92165

Calrads 92-165 Surface Mount mini wideband IR receiver works with Calrads 92-167 connecting block as well as other Industry standard IR distribution blocks. It's small size makes it perfect for all types of different style IR repeater installations. The Receiver is used with a remote control extender/repeater systems. It accepts signals from your infrared remote control and relays the signal through the 3.5mm stereo mini plug, which can be connected to Calrads, or other Connecting blocks. In turn, the signal is distributed to a single or multiple IR emmiters which transfer the IR signal to your equipment. This allows you to place your equipment in a cabinet, closet or rack placed out of range of your IR remote signals.

Wide band Infrared demodulator accepts commands from most remotes
Extended reception range, IR reception up to 40 feet
Wide off-axis reception up to 45 degrees
Automatic gain control (AGC) significantly reduces interference problems for reliable performance
Low profile compact size allows installation in a variety of locations
Unique SaphIR blue LED provides clear visible confirmation of IR signal reception without annoying RED color Universal applications, 12VDC power input and IR output signal are compatible with most IR connecting blocks
Reliable circuit design, Calrads own micro-controller based IR circuit
Calrad 92-165

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Dimensions: 2.14"W x 0.56"H x 0.52"D


Power: 12VDC 31mA max
Receive Frequency: 36KHz to 58KHz
Transmit Frequency: 40KHz and 56KHz
Range: On Axis 55ft to 80ft 30 degrees off Axis 30ft to 55ft
Termination: 6 ft cable, 3.5mm Stereo plug
Color: Black


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