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Icicle XLR to USB adapter

ITEM: 754509

The Icicle is Blue's new stylish USB converter and mic preamp combo that allows you to connect any XLR microphone directly into your computer via USB! The Icicle features a studio quality microphone preamp, 48V phantom power, fully balanced low noise front end, analog gain control, and driverless operation. Setup is a snap!

System Requirements
Windows: Vista, 7, or XP; USB 1.0 or 2.0; 64MB RAM (minimum)
Macintosh: Mac OSX; USB 1.0 or 2.0; 64MB RAM (minimum)

The Icicle works with both dynamic and condenser microphones, providing high quality and hassle-free connectivity with Mac or PC. Whether you're using a microphone for digital recording, podcasting, voice messaging, or voice recognition applications, the Icicle is the quick and easy way to get connected.

    Plug and Record - No Special Drivers Required
    Built-in Studio Quality USB Microphone Preamp
    Supplies 48V Phantom Power for Condenser Mics
    Fully Balanced Low Noise Analog Front End
    Analog Level Control
    Phantom Power Active Light
    Includes 6-ft USB Cable

What exactly is this Icicle all about?

The Icicle is a XLR to USB microphone preamp.

Is the Icicle compatible with Windows 7 and Vista?


Do I need any special software to use the Icicle? Do I need any drivers?

Technically, no. Depending on your application, your OS may have sufficient features to utilize the capabilities of the Icicle. But, to get the most out of your Icicle, you'll want to have some kind of software that allows for digital signal processing and non-linear editing that will accept audio from the USB port. Some examples of these programs are listed below.

Can I use the Icicle with a traditional analog audio mixer?

No. The Icicle features digital output only. It must be connected to a USB port in order to function.

What sample rate and word length does the Icicle use?

The Icicle's digital output is set to 44.1 kHz / 16-bit, just like an audio CD. But this is something that only audio geeks really need to worry about.

How can I select a different sample rate?

Because the Icicle is designed for the greatest ease of operation and setup, sample rate / word length are not user-definable. Sorry, geeks.

Can I use more than one Icicle at a time?

Some audio editing software allows for multiple USB connections. Check with your software vendor-- they should have technical support staff who can answer all of your questions about their product.

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