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Fast Track Ultra 8R + Pro Tools SE

Fast Track Ultra 8R and Pro Tools SE

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What is Fast Track Ultra 8R?

Designed for comprehensive studio work, the Fast Track Ultra 8R audio/MIDI interface delivers 8 x 8 I/O, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, and MX Core DSP mixing/effects to record yourself and the band—with superior 24-bit/96 kHz fidelity. Capture, edit, and mix productions on your Mac or PC using the included Pro Tools SE software or other favorite audio applications. No matter how you use it, you'll experience great reliability and low latency to capture your best performances.

Key features

  •     24-bit/96 kHz professional audio on all I/O simultaneously
  •     Includes Pro Tools SE software
  •     High-speed USB 2.0 interface
  •     MX Core DSP technology
  •         Monitor with effects while recording
  •         Flexible channel routing options
  •         Expands DSP mixing interface to 16 x 8
  •     8 preamps with award-winning Octane technology
  •         8 XLR/TRS combo jacks for mic or line-level inputs
  •         20 dB pad on each preamp
  •         Signal/peak LED indicator lights
  •         +48V phantom power
  •     2 front-panel ¼'' instrument inputs
  •     8 balanced TRS analog outputs
  •     2 analog inserts
  •     S/PDIF digital I/O
  •     Built-in 1 x 1 MIDI interface
  •     2 independent headphone outputs with individual volume control knobs
  •     Rugged, lightweight metal chassis
  •     Full ASIO 2.0, WDM, MME, Core Audio support
  •     Compatible with most major audio production software

High-speed USB 2.0 technology

The next generation of recording interfaces has arrived. Fast Track Ultra 8R utilizes high-speed USB 2.0 technology to deliver the bandwidth for 24-bit/96 kHz audio resolution throughout the recording and monitoring process. With a maximum data transfer speed of 480 Mbps, this jump in performance allows you to enjoy outstanding sound quality on all inputs and outputs simultaneously.

Built-in effects processing

Tired of tracking vocals and instruments dry because plug-in effects introduce too much latency? Fast Track Ultra 8R features MX Core DSP technology to give you reverb and delay on the headphone outputs, with separate sends for every channel. Now you can inspire creativity by adding effects—without taxing your CPU resources.

Make the connection

The Fast Track Ultra 8R was designed to provide all the I/O you need for your project studio. Eight channels of analog inputs and outputs plus 2-channel digital S/PDIF provide input flexibility with room to grow. Unlike most USB interfaces, it features two dedicated analog inserts on the first two channels, allowing you to insert outboard processing before A/D conversion. Easy connection via USB 2.0 delivers both audio and MIDI communication with your computer. Fast Track Ultra 8R is compatible with most major audio software and seamlessly integrates into any studio setup.

MX Core DSP technology for sophisticated channel routing

Fast Track Ultra 8R makes it easy to create multiple monitor mixes when recording other musicians. The robust MX Core mixer employs an array of eight individual DSP cores to deliver near-zero latency and a matrix for sophisticated channel routing options—accessible via an intuitive control panel that utilizes a separate mixer for each pair of outputs. The mixer expands the total I/O to an impressive 16 x 8 configuration, allowing you to connect synths and outboard gear to any of the interface’s hardware inputs, then mix them with the eight audio streams coming from your computer.

Eight professional preamps with Octane technology

The quality of your recordings is only as good as the initial signal. The Fast Track Ultra 8R features eight preamps with multi-award-winning Octane technology, creating a premium front end that delivers exceptional audio clarity. You get professional, low-noise, high-gain preamplification with enough channels for applications like miking drum kits or recording complete ensembles. Features include +48V phantom power for condenser mics, signal/peak LED indicator lights and a pull-out gain knob that activates a 20dB pad for recording at high volumes.

Dual headphone amp

Whether you usually track vocals or an ensemble, you’re likely to need multiple headphone mixes. Fast Track Ultra 8R has two completely independent headphone outputs so you can take advantage of the DSP mixer’s powerful routing options and create the right mix for your performers—complete with reverb and delay.

Included software
Pro Tools SE

Pro Tools SE music recording and creation software delivers many of the same powerful features that studio professionals use to create Grammy® award-winning albums, Emmy® award-winning television shows, and Academy Award®-winning films. This easy-to-use software lets you create pro-sounding music with up to 24 audio and virtual instrument tracks. It also includes over 100 virtual instruments to build out your mixes, plus EQ, reverb, and other effects to make your music sound professionally produced.

Key features

  •     Studio-grade recording tools—record, edit, and mix music using the same software platform the pros use
  •     Easy to use—start creating music quickly, without previous experience
  •     Mix up to 24 tracks—turn your computer into a powerful recording/mixing studio
  •     Over 100 virtual instruments—be the entire band
  •     Includes powerful, pro-quality effects—polish your mixes
  •     Built-in learning tools, song templates, and audio loop library—create complete songs in minutes
  •     Cross platform—works with compatible PC or Mac computers
  •     Award-winning Pro Tools composing, recording, editing, and mixing features
  •     Mix up to 24 tracks (16 audio tracks, 8 virtual instrument tracks)
  •     Integrated learning tools make it easy to create music
  •     Built-in composing features, including MIDI sequencing and Score editing
  •     Includes over 100 different virtual instruments
  •     Powerful, pro-quality effects including reverb, EQ, and guitar amp/distortion effects
  •     Comes with over 3 GB of audio loops to quickly construct songs and ideas
  •     Easily record up to two instruments at once


Fast Track Ultra 8R and Pro Tools SE

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System requirements

    OS: Windows XP (32- bit) with SP2**, Windows Vista (32-bit),Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit, 64- bit),Win7 (32- or 64- bit)
    RAM: 512 MB
    Processor: 1.6 GHz (CPU may be higher for laptops)
    USB port: For Fast Track Ultra 8R connection
    Plug-in: DirectX 9.0c (included in XP)

Mac OS X
    OS: Max OS X 10.3.9
    RAM: 512 MB
    Processor: 1 GHz
    USB port: For Fast Track Ultra 8R connection

    Interface: Works with ASIO 2, Core Audio, WDM and MME.

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