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HFLI1-X1 Inport - Record vinyl LPs music fromyour stereo to computer (analog RCA to USB input with ground loop isolation)


So, you've got a stack of LP records and tapes sitting around gathering dust. Some of those you probably can't even buy as CDs. With Xitel's INport, you can now record all your favourite vinyl and tapes back into your computer with crystal clear fidelity. Archive them, turn them into CDs, or even turn them into MP3s.

Unlike a computer soundcard, the INport has been designed using the latest professional recording technology. That's what enables it to perform so much better than a soundcard. The inclusion of an advanced rendering engine and full ground loop isolation ensures outstanding performance with full dynamic response. It even comes as a complete kit with absolutely everything you'll need to get up and going. There hasn't been an easier way to record back into your PC and digitally save the natural vibrance of all your music!

Check out these cool features:



  • Record from your home stereo using your desktop or notebook as a piece of high fidelity recording equipment.
  • Save LPs, tapes and their music digitally on your hard drive as high quality wav files. Edit them, convert them into MP3s, or even turn them into CDs. (you'll need your own burner and burner software to make CDs)
  • Bypass inferior soundcards with advanced USB digital rendering technology. Utilize the INport's professional gold plated RCA inputs to enhance all your audio.
  • Includes full ground loop isolation to ensure your recordings remain crystal clear and free from hum.
  • Comes with revolutionary CFB Software that makes recording back into your computer an absolute breeze. Watch as levels are automatically set and tracks are divided into individual songs. The INport runs with all other Windows compatible recording and editing software, so you can also use your own favourite recording programs.
  • Custom input sensitivity fine-tuned for the specific needs of high fidelity line level recording. Connect mini-systems through to state of the art amplifiers with exactly the right level of gain.
  • Installs simply by plugging into a USB port
  • watch the INport automatically load without the need for any special drivers.


Comes with all interconnection cables, including 30 feet of studio grade RCA audio cable for free!

Built in ground loop isolation - why it matters!

The INport doesn't just give you awesome fidelity, it also includes a built in ground loop isolator to prevent annoying ground loops.

A ground loop occurs through differences in resistance in your home or apartment electrical wiring. When a computer or audio component is connected to your stereo, a path is provided for electricity to flow from one wall socket to another as the electrical system tries to balance itself. This can introduce a background hum into your recordings.

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