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9A65 Open Box

Open Box AUDIO AUTHORITY 9A65, Component Video to RGB Converter


� Auto detects 480i, 480p and other resolutions
� Converts YPbPr to RGB
� Component in/out pass-through
� Three RGB mode settings
� Dual RGB outputs

The latest addition to Audio Authority's growing line of audio and video converters for home theater and HDTV. The Model 9A65 allows DVD players with component video outputs to be connected to direct view and projection displays that require RGB inputs. It is easy to use because it automatically senses the resolution of the source and flawlessly converts it to the RGB mode the projector or TV requires. It auto-detects resolutions such as 480i and 480p and some other resolutions. This product was designed to work with DVD players.

Although there are other applications where a product like this might be used (e.g. PVRs, satellite receivers, or video game consoles), the 9A65 may not work reliably in these other applications.

The RGB output on the 9A65 can be connected using a standard VGA cable or a standard VGA to BNC breakout cable. The RGB Mode switch allows selection of three different sync modes, depending on the input configuration of the video display (RGBHV, RGsB or RGBS).

The 9A65 is not a format converter. It passes the horizontal and vertical synchronization timings and pixel content to the outputs without modification. A 480p component video source used in conjunction with a 9A65 requires the video monitor to accept a 480p RGB input resolution.

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