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Retractable Zip Linq Palm Tungsten E Sync-N-Charge Cable


Sync and charge your Tungsten™ E without a
cradle! Zip-Linq's uniquely designed retractable Palm Tungsten E™
Pocket PC's cable is a must for mobile PC users that require
one of the most advanced space-saving technologies available.
This compact spool of high-quality cable extends to more
than two feet just by pulling. Simply pull again, and it
retracts back into its durable housing. Sync and charge
your Palm™ Tungsten E ™Original without a cradle!
Compatible With Palm™ Tungsten E™ Only.


Easily extends to over 3' by pulling both ends. Simply
pull again and it quickly retracts back into its housing.
Durable ABS plastic housing Less then 4' long when retracted!
Connect your computer to your Palm Tungsten E
and Zire 72
to sync your data, download contacts, etc.
All without carrying your bulky cradle. The perfect Cradle Substitute for mobile users on the go!
Lightweight, streamlined design for easy travel and storage
Designed to fit in your pocket


Connectors:USB A Male / Sony Clie
Max. Length: 30'
Min. Length: 4'

Compatible With: Cli? NR760, Cli? N610, Cli? S320, Cli? N710, Cli? N770, Cli? S360, Cli? S300, Cli? S310

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