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Wallmount Box-Banana Jacks

Wallmount Box with Female Banana Jacks for Flatwire Speaker Cable, Gold-Banana Style Connectors. Compatible with all Flatwire Speaker Cable.


*The largest surface area contact between wire and connector on the market, resulting in superior performance. Use banana plugs or conventional round wire plugs; this is the universal connector for banana, pin, or bare wire connectors.
*Gold plated for corrosion resistance, spring contacts for long life, and a precision injection molded case with curved surface for a quality decorative appearance.
*Simple connection between box and Flatwire FLT Series Wire requires no tools other than scissors: a true no-solder connection!

Wall Box with 5-Way Binding Box
1 Connector included.

FlatWire, the Invisible Wire bridges technology and style with our sleek wall mountable connector. The FlatWire Ready® Connector allows for easy connection of FlatWire to conventional speakers and components. It's patented design creates the largest surface area contact between the wire and connector on the market today, resulting in superior performance.

- Gold Plated Contact
- Decorative molded Case
- High Performance
- Safe Surface Mount System
- Do it Yourself in 4 Easy Steps

Items You Need to Get Started:

- Flat Speaker Wire
- FlatWire Ready Connectors
- FlatWire Ready Spray Adhesive
- FlatWire Ready Mesh Tape

*FlatWire is intended for indoor wall and ceiling applications
**FlatWire Ready® Spray adhesive is specifically intended for use with FlatWire. Use of any other product will void warranty.

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